NEW TRACKS@FBAS 2018 – Selection

Donna McKevitt

 Winner of the 2018 NEWTRACKS@FBAS selection

“Concentus” for 5 voices and instruments

After reading the libretto of Santa Editta I was was struck by her message of unity, her appreciation of what she had in her life, her understanding of how precious each day is. Her message feels very relevant to me today as an English woman but also a European woman. There is a divide in my country now since we voted to leave the European Union, a divide between those who appreciate what we have in being part of a larger community and those who sadly do not. This piece Concentus is a very simple celebration of what is possible through unity, what is possible when we stop competing and stop being envious of each other. Through minimalistic techniques and bass continuo improvisation I have tried to create a piece that the musicians will have fun playing and that will give their audience some joy. Our soloists are now unified in a choir of five, singing mostly homophonically to symbolise their harmonic union.