The Stradella Project is an innovative proposal in the field of early music. Based at the Alessandro Stradella International Festival of Nepi, the project is built around original research by Andrea De Carlo on the relationship between phonetics and Italian technique and aesthetics of vocal and instrumental music of the 17th century, which has surprising and revolutionary consequences on the interpretation of this repertoire.

Alessandro Stradella is one of the greatest composers of all time, although his importance has not yet been fully appreciated. With a deep knowledge of counterpoint but with one eye on the future, Stradella embraces several centuries in his writing style. The inventor of the division into Concertino and Concerto Grosso, he is a precursor in the exploration of new forms such as the Aria with Da Capo, and his compositions were copied by many prominent composers such as Handel, Bononcini, and Steffani. Stradella was a master in setting words to music; his great sensitivity in grasping rhythm, emotion, the form of the text and its sound makes his work absolutely unique.

Arcana 493 (2021)


Arcana 475 (2020)


Vol. III Santa Editta

Arcana 396 (2016) 


Vol. II San Giovanni Crisostomo

Arcana 389 (2015)

Vol. I La Forza delle Stelle

Arcana 377 (2014)